Co-sponsored by Liberty Fund, Inc., this is an intellectually demanding and stimulating weekend colloquium that explores the foundations of liberty in a series of graduate-level, text-based, guided Socratic discussions.

  • This colloquium is for Acton alumni who are currently enrolled in or have recently completed graduate level work. 

Covid-19 Conference Information

  • This is an in-person program. Individuals not comfortable with meeting in-person should not apply to this program.
  • Should local or federal regulations change, Acton Institute staff will communicate next steps in a timely fashion.

Capitalism, Free Trade, and Globalization

In the sessions for this colloquium, we will examine the related subjects of free trade and globalization, with particular emphasis on the interrelated institutions of capitalism and morality. We will examine works such as Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations, Frederic Bastiat’s Economic Sophisms, Martin Wolf’s Why Globalization Works, and others. The first part of this colloquium will focus on the classic economic and political rationales for the policies of free trade and protectionism. The second part will explore the relationship between the institutions of capitalism, morality, and globalization.