Full Name
Jose Quintana
Job Title
Advent GX Corporation
Speaker Bio
Jose Quintana is the President and Founder of Advent GX, an international community and economic development company that provides strategy development and technology augmented solutions for underserved
urban and rural communities. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Mr. Quintana has started several successful companies and has acted as consultant to many of the world's top corporations including Nokia, Sprint, Qualcomm, Frito-Lay, Schering-Plough, Disney, Lockheed, Sun Microsystems, Verizon, and Novartis International.

Mr. Quintana has a computer science degree from Texas A&M University with a minor in Mathematics and Statistics. He was the recipient of the of the 2018 Texas A&M University Department of Computer Science and Engineering’s Distinguished Former Student Award.

Jose Quintana is an active Advisory Board Member for the Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy, and serves on the Advisory Council Member at Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), a
Texas A&M University System Agency and at the Texas A&M University Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences. He is also a Texas Lyceum former director and active alumnus.

Advent GX’s flagship initiative, The Innovation Underground business and technology incubator, is the result of more than ten years of research and development in support of technology startups. Since its inception, the Innovation Underground has supported more than 70 local and international small and medium businesses, providing entrepreneurs with both technical expertise and business resources and guidance to bring ideas and innovation to the market.

Mr. Quintana’s areas of interest include strategy and policy formulation and deployment, he has done considerable work in the areas of Data Visualization, Volumetric Analysis, Geomatics, Remote Sensing
/Telemetry, Data Acquisition, Strategy & Performance Support Systems, Predictive Analytics, and Quality Function Deployment.

As a volunteer, Mr. Quintana serves as lecturer and mentor of the Texas A&M University McFerrin Center Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans, a national program that assists members of our military that would like to start their own business. Through Advent GX, Mr. Quintana directs support efforts for several local and national faith based and leadership development nonprofits as well as international development organizations like the Antigua Forum, now known as the “the accelerator for freedom”.
Jose Quintana